Haus of Dust


Enter into the world of The Abysm, a quaint space located somewhere between here and the beyond, where you will encounter the spirits of those who reflect upon their time spent on this Earth. This one of kind immersive installation experience will be presented with all social distancing guidelines in place, creating a world where you can be absorbed into the Haus of Dust.


Haus of Dust is a new coming-of-age fantastical docu-mixed media installation by Gabriel G Torres.


The story follows a young man, G, writing a story about eight spirits meeting in a bar called “The Abysm”. In this bar, spirits and souls gather to release their last words before they can move into the afterlife. G writes this story to learn how to cope with his personal journey as an immigrant, a gay man, and a substance user. The story touches on themes of trauma, violence, spirituality, grief, sacred South American plants, and finally, overcoming with resilience.