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The Game

 The game is a new creative project to bring awareness about substance use in Latinx queer communities and the LGBTQIA+ community at large, partnering with LGBTQ Center, developed with Unity 3D Technologies , we invite queer individuals with a history of substance use to explore a new paradigm for mental health support and harm reduction practices. 

we hope to learn with the community how a new mobile phone app in development may be a source of positive support to those struggling with addiction, while also helping researchers to better isolate and identify high impact factors of substance use disorders to better intervene and support affected individuals.

Currently under testing with patients and individuals in recovery, Haus of Dust will publish an academic research paper with our findings in 2022. The Games are inspired in the exercises behind The Wheel of Awareness by Dr Dan Siegel. Gabriel G Torres serves as creative director. 

Juan Daniel Velasquez
Illustrator  (They/Them)

Raghav Bashyal
Game Developer / Designer (They/Them)

Josh Friedman
Academic Researcher & Cognitive Games Developer (He/Him)

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